Brut is a feeling, Brut is a taste, Brut is a sound, Brut is a colour, Brut is a scent and Brut is a top level experience at a height of 172 metres above sea level.

Described in its totality we can cook Brut, eat Brut, smell Brut, see Brut, feel Brut and experience Brut. Brut stands for refinement, love, luxury and for Brut being there. Brut stands for living, experiencing and enjoying. BRUT!

Vegetables, fruit, flowers, herbs, - the BRUT 172 hothouse -

The hothouse serves to protect certain plants and vegetable varieties. Workshops will be held there, for instance a workshop raw food, it is the place for an aperitif and for growing exclusive sorts of fruit. The hothouse should reinforce the BRUT 172 concept.


Niels Maier

Architect - Studio Niels™, situated in the historical centre of Maastricht, founded by Niels Maier (Design Academy Eindhoven, 2003). Studio Niels™

develops interior concepts ranging from business to exclusive private interiors with matching interior objects.

Studio Niels™ aims at quality, good project management and a clear design.


Eric Bessems

Finacial - Eric Bessems, financial director of Geonius has been involved in the finacial strategy of BRUT 172.

Eric is het aanspreekpunt op financieel gebied voor BRUT 172

& bereikbaar op


Jacqueline Kemp

Personal assistant - Jacqueline Kemp, more than 20 years experience as personal assistant, management assistant, office manager, (legal) secretary and the last few years also independent entrepreneur.

As P.A. Jacqueline is the contact person for Brut 172.


She can be reached via

BRUT(E) PEOPLE - People understanding what you feel, that is BRUT. That is what I feel with these people who want to create experience. Some BRUT team…




Gerben Roetert

Vormgeving - Web design, graphic design, communication & social media for BRUT 172 by ROET™ Media Design van Gerben Roetert. ROET™ Media Design was founded in 2016 and specializes in Media Design within the hospitality industry.

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Staying the night


Kitchen table


24 couverts

4 suites

8 couverts

12 couverts

The restaurant is open Thursday through Sunday for lunches from 12.00 hours and Thursday through Saturday for dinner from 19.00 hours.


There will be 5 suites. All suites are no smoking, luxurious, warm, comfortable, Brut!



At the kitchen table is room for 8 couverts.


Wineroom & shop. For aperitifs small companies and a shop full of memories.

BRUT 172: the figures.


the feeling of brut 172




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